Wrong Modality.

“… and the patient is blind,” the medical assistant said as she passed the chart to the physician. He nodded his thanks and walked into the room.

“HELLO, MRS. CALAHAN!” he said. She turned her head towards him and smiled. She seemed to be looking at his left ear.

“Hello, Doctor,” she said. He pulled the stool from under the table, rolled it as close as possible to her, and sat down.

“HOW ARE YOU?” he asked, trying to speak directly into her ear.

“I’m okay,” she said, leaning away from him. “I’m here for an annual checkup.”

“GOOD! GOOD!” he exclaimed, leaning further towards her. “WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME—”

“Doctor!” Ms. Calahan interrupted. She raised her hand and turned her palm towards him. “I may be blind, but I am not deaf!”