Which patient would you rather work with?

Patient 1:

This patient is not doing anything to take care of her health. She never listens to my recommendations. If she would take medications as directed, she’d feel better. She doesn’t care about her medical problems. She’s not even trying. If she keeps this up, she’s going to die. Plus, she’s so demanding. She’s a piece of work.

Patient 2:

Things seem to get in the way of this patient’s ability to take care of her health. I wonder if she understands my recommendations. She is trying her best to take her medications as directed. What else can I do to help her learn about her medical issues? There might be a lot of other things going on that worry her more than her medical problems. I wonder if she knows the consequences of her choices. She is skilled at advocating for herself. I feel frustrated when I see her, but let’s see what she will teach me.

They are the same patient.

Now: Do you want to be “right”? Or do you want to be effective?