More Encouragement.

Sometimes we get worked up about things that haven’t happened yet because we think about Everything That Could Go Wrong.

After we magically transport ourselves into this terrible version of the future, we convince ourselves that we will never, ever recover.

Or that the horrible conditions will never change. We have no doubt that we will have to endure pain and suffering forever.

Or maybe we become positively sure that we will lose everyone and everything that we value in our lives. How could we ever repair that damage?


How easily we forget about all the disastrous events and choices of the past that we have survived! We have all endured Terrible Things that no one else knows about. People look at us and we seem Okay, maybe even mildly amused. They have no idea.

Our recoveries may not have been easy. They may have taken much longer than we would have liked.

And, somehow, we made it. Those experiences shaped us into who we are today. We developed skills and talents that allow us to help other people now. When future calamity strikes, we are better equipped to deal with it, whether we have faith in ourselves or not. We might even have a sense of humor about it.

We become better people.

We worry now because we have hope for the future. The odds are in our favor that we will survive the crap that life will inevitably throw at us.

We will all be Okay.