Nonfiction Observations

The Golden Rule.

People in the meeting room returned to their seats: The Governor was about to enter the room!

The judge, wearing a smart blue suit, rose from his seat. He fastened a button of his single-breasted jacket and ran a hand along both lapels.

An urgent whisper: “Are we supposed to stand up for him?”

The judge looked around: Nearly everyone had sat down, but a few were standing.

“I’m going to stand up,” he murmured. “People stand up for me.”

The judge adopted his best posture. The door to the room clicked open. The Governor walked in. Everyone but the judge was seated.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Governor,” the seated host announced. The audience burst into applause.

Smirking, the judge sat down with haste.

“I guess I was the only one,” he mumbled.