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The “Best Of” 2017.

There are ten days left in 2017.

This is the third iteration of my blog. I started this one in November 2010. The first iteration of my blog started in November 2000. That means I’ve been writing online for 17 years (???), though I fled the internet for about two years.

In looking back over what I wrote in 2017, these are the posts from this past year that had the most visits:

Disappointment. “My cohort graduated from our psychiatry residency almost ten years ago. The level of frustration and disappointment we’ve all experienced within the past two years is striking.”

My Seattle Times Op-Ed about #MeToo in Medicine. “The senior psychiatry resident at the University of Washington School of Medicine warned me ahead of time. She laughed as she said, ‘He’s weird. You’ll get used to him.'”

Thoughts on the Movie “Get Out”. “If you have seen Get Out, this post ponders the role of psychiatry in the movie. (Full disclosure: I enjoyed and recommend the movie.)”

The most popular posts on my blog, though, aren’t from 2017! These are the posts that received the most visits overall:

DSM-5: Schizophrenia. This post is a brief discussion about how DSM 5 defines schizophrenia. (I wrote about other diagnoses, too, but don’t know why this diagnosis got the most attention. I have a particular interest in people experiencing psychotic disorders; perhaps that shows?)

Personality Disorders to Difficult Interactions (I). “To be clear, though, just because you have a difficult interaction with someone doesn’t mean that that person has a personality disorder. There are plenty of people without personality disorders who behave in unbecoming ways.”

Do People Choose to be Homeless? “I cannot speak for all people who have ever been homeless. However, I have several years of experience working with people who were homeless and refused housing again and again, as well as people who left their housing and returned to the streets.”

I remain grateful to people who choose to take the time to read my writing. Some of you have been reading since the early days of my first blog; for that, I feel humbled. Thank you.

May 2018 bring you all good health, many blessings, and contentment. See you in the new year.