Hope for the Future.

It’s been over three months since I posted something here, though it feels right to write a few words here today.

Upon learning that Biden and Harris have won the Presidential election, my first thought was:

Thank God we will have a better Covid-19 response.

For all of us who have the privilege and responsibility to look after the health and well-being of others, the weight of the pandemic over the past few months has felt like it would grind us into dust, regardless of our efforts. I sustained a significant muscle strain in my back over a month ago and someone quipped, “Who doesn’t feel like the world is straining their back?”

Of course, a new administration won’t make the pandemic disappear. People will continue to get sick from Covid-19. Some will die. A federal administration, though, that takes the pandemic seriously will result in thoughtful planning, greater prevention efforts, and coordination that will directly impact those of us who are trying to prevent some of the most vulnerable in our communities from getting sick.

I am also thankful that I get to witness the first Black and Indian Vice President!

The upcoming days, weeks, and months will be noisy. As Trump continues to demonstrate low frustration tolerance and impulse control, his vitriol will become more hostile. He has been rewarded with the gifts of attention and validation for these behaviors for over five years now; these behaviors will amplify before they are extinguished. We can never truly get away from ourselves.

For those of us who have been lucky enough to have good health and safety, may this continue. May more and then all people be able to experience good health and safety as time continues to move forward.