Other Things to Read.

Yes, I’ve been writing, though I don’t know what to say. So, instead, here are some items I’ve read recently that you may find interesting, too.

Do wild animals get PTSD? Scientists probe its evolutionary roots. (Knowable) “These findings add to a growing body of evidence showing that fearful experiences can have long-lasting effects on wildlife and suggesting that post-traumatic stress disorder, with its intrusive flashback memories, hypervigilance and anxiety, is part of an ancient, evolved response to danger.”

Walk as Spreadsheet. (Craig Mod) This inspired me to create a boba tea spreadsheet. I don’t indulge in boba tea often, though, so my spreadsheet has few entries.

Direct and Indirect Mental Health Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic Parallel Prior Pandemics. (America Journal of Public Health) “Failure to recognize that COVID-19 is among the infectious diseases that may directly cause psychiatric conditions has led some policymakers to incorrectly conclude that adverse mental health con- sequences of the pandemic are driven solely by mitigation, creating a false choice between COVID-19 containment and preserving mental health. Similarly, failure to appreciate that fear, bereavement, and pandemic-associated life disruption can have adverse mental health consequences could lead policymakers to allocate mental health resources only to those who have had SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

Why Some People in Chinatown Oppose a Museum Dedicated to Their Culture. (New York Times) “Bringing in too much aesthetic of a certain class means it will lose the authenticity, that feeling you get when you go there that you’re in someone’s community that is meaningful, and you’re being allowed to share that experience.”

Finding a Way Back from Suicide. (New Yorker) A journey of recovery through electroconvulsive therapy.

Meditating on Your Death Could Make You Happier. (Vice) “When faced with the reality of death, what seems important?”

Why We Can’t Wait (Martin Luther King, Jr.) and God-Level Knowledge Darts (Desus and Mero). An unusual, yet complementary pairing.