New Year, New Reads.

A new lunar year has arrived. May the year of the tiger bring us all better health and fortunes.

Here are some things I’ve read over the past week that may also be of interest to you:

If Everything Is ‘Trauma,’ Is Anything? “It’s hard to talk about this without sounding like you’re policing the language,” said Mr. Haslam. “But when we start to talk about ordinary adversities as ‘traumas’ there is a risk that we’ll see them as harder to overcome and see ourselves as more damaged by them.”

Impossible Silences. “They seem to me to be the kind of silences that are mutually felt and acknowledged, that are a function not merely of the ceasing of sound but of a body at ease or eyes that remain fixed. These are silences that assure the other that they are being heard not ignored. Silences that, if attended to closely and with care disclose rather than veil, clarify rather than obfuscate.”

Black History, Black Freedom and Black Love. “The three-part class, Black History, Black Freedom and Black Love will be freely available on during Black History Month.” I must confess that it is John McWhorter‘s participation that tipped me to commit to watching this.

Fragrant Palm Leaves. The death of Thich Nhat Hanh prompted me to pick up this book. He writes more freely here than he does in his future books. I wonder who “Steve” is and if he is still alive.

The Reason Putin Would Risk War. “He is threatening to invade Ukraine because he wants democracy to fail—and not just in that country.” (There is plenty of troubling news within the US. There is a world stage to be aware of, too, though I wish the news were better.)