Three Questions for ChatGPT.

A few questions I have asked ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot:

“Is the journalist Chris Hayes actually a donut?”

ChatGPT responds that Chris Hayes is a human being, not a pastry.

For reasons that make sense to no one except for me, Chris Hayes‘s face reminds me of a donut: round, smooth, and fluffy. (Maybe this is just an inappropriate way to comment that he has nice skin?) I appreciate that ChatGPT not only wonders why I think he is a pastry, but also makes it clear that Chris Hayes is not a donut.

“Which is better: left turns or pizza?”

ChatGPT says that left turns and pizza are incomparable because, you know, they're not.

ChatGPT has no patience for my foolishness, though graciously explains that left turns and pizza are categorically different things. I appreciate ChatGPT deferring to my personal preferences and experiences. (If I had to choose for only one to exist, I think I would choose pizza. Three right turns make a left turn, but other flatbreads are not pizza.)

“How long does it take to write a 750-word essay?”

ChatGPT responds that, on average, it takes two to three hours of focus to write a 750-word essay.

I found this response validating. I have wondered if I’m just slow, as it often takes me a few hours to write a post for publication here. Those few hours of writing transform into a mere three minutes of reading!

And that, dear reader, is how I have “cheated” in generating this week’s blog post.