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Wanna Help Me with My Talk?

I’ve been invited to give a talk to psychiatry residents about “psychiatrists and social media” and my own experiences as an online physician.

Could you, fine reader, help me by telling me why you read the writings of physicians online?

This can include blogs, the 140-character musings on Twitter, blurbs on Facebook, or the myriad options now available.[1. I started writing online when “social media” wasn’t in the vernacular, there were only “weblogs”, and a 56 kbit/s dial-up modem was considered speedy. Now get off my lawn.]

For visual interest, post your response on Twitter, Facebook, or Ello so I may snag a screenshot for my talk. You can also send me an e-mail; just make it clear that I can share the content of your note.

Thank you for indulging me.